2021 Online Summer Camp

Dear parents

    It's warm (even though there is still some snow)! I hope everyone enjoys this spring so far. Of course, we are looking for warmer and brighter summer! To help our students strengthen their Chinese learning and enrich their knowledge about Chinese culture, we will hold online summer camps. We will offer lesson including daily conversation, cultural stories, idioms, and traditional children rhymes, as well as Chinese computer games, craft and songs. The time and fees are as follows:


天氣温暖了 (雖然還有些雪)! 希望大家享受美好的春天!當然我們更期待夏天的來到.為了協助學生們加強他們今年所學的中文並且豐富中華文化的知識,我們將舉辦線上夏令營.


時間及收費如下, 請大家踴躍報名.

To register please email 報名請電郵principal@calgarymandarinschool.ca

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