2020 - 2021 Pre School to High School Credit Registration 幼兒班至高中學分班註冊


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School


Online Registration 線上註冊:

Register before August 31, 2020 to get your early bird discount! Download the registration form or Download the fillable registration form (use a computer to fill the form is recommended) Please email the resgistraiton form to the Principal at: principal@calgarymandarinschool.ca . Please ensure that you have consulted the office to understand our high school regulations before registering for the high school program.

於8-31-2020 以前提早註冊,可享有優惠!下載報名表下載可填式報名表(建議使用電腦填寫)。報名高中學分班前,請洽辦公室瞭解高中學分,考試及分班規則. 請填好註冊表格,寄到電郵principal@calgarymandarinschool.ca

Tuition chart 學雜費表:

Please make the cheque payable to "Calgary Mandarin School Association".


For Members 會員

For non-members 非會員

Early Bird 
(before July 31, 2020)

$310 (per year)

$340 (per year)

Regular 一般學費

$330 (per year)

$360 (per year)

Adult Class 成人班

$660 (per year)

$620 (early bird)

$690 (per year)

$650 (early bird)

Membership Fees

$30 per family (Life Time Member: $250)
$20 per person

High school Misc Fees

G10-11: $15 Field trip Fee ; G12 only: $25 Yearbook Fee

* For every additional child in the same family, a $20.00 per student discount applies. 家中每多一位小朋友註冊有$20優惠.

First day of class 開學日期:

September 12, 2020 online format using Google Classroom.

學校9月12日開始並採用線上教學Google Classroom.

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