New High School Credit program in 2020!


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School

快樂學中文! 卡加利地區 歷史最悠久的正體字教學中文學校 – 卡城中文學校將在九月十二日開學了!
我們有豐富的課程, 從幼兒班(3-5歲)與幼稚園到中學年級之外,以及青少年國語會話班,課程活潑有趣!2018年新開的幼兒般大獲好評, 我們今年會繼續加油,  歡迎大家報名上課!

2020年亞省高中中文學分班將在9月12日開學 CHINESE10, 20

Welcome to Calgary Mandarin School!  Our school year starts on Saturday, Sep. 12, 2019! We are the oldest traditional Chinese school (actually an certified Alberta charity) in Calgary. Our staff and volunteers are committed to provide a fun and loving education environment for the kids and for the community.  We offer classes from preschool (Age 3-5), kindergarten to high school level curriculum as well as Youth Conversation Class as per popular demand. We started our preschool program since 2018 and it's been a tremendous success! Let’s learn Chinese in a happy way!! Come and have fun!

High School credit program (Alberta Education CHINESE 10, 20) will be launched in September 12, 2020.

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