Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group Performance 2019


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School


Nowadays, rope skipping and diabolo spinning have gradually developed to be popular sports in the world. International competitions of these sports are not new. However, Taiwan has developed a unique new form of folk art performance which combines stylish rope skipping, diabolo spinning, shuttlecock kicking, and top spinning acts with dance, gymnastics and drama elements. With precise control of body movement, rhythm, and the perfect teamwork, this new form of performance emerges as a delicate and entertaining art. We are looking forward to sharing this art with the world and to earn more appreciation and understanding of Taiwan and its valuable asset - folk art and culture.

We've put together a show combining Taiwan aboriginal folk dance and traditional Taiwanese dance, and performance combining folk sports and modern dance in our program. On top of the exciting performance, you will be immersed in the beauty of traditional music and clothing. We sincerely hope that through our performance, you can catch the glimpse of the beauty of Chinese and aboriginal culture. We wish you would have a good time with us and enjoy the program as much as we do.

The event is organized by SINO-Canada Culture Assoication and the Calgary Mandarin School

This event has been made possible in part by The Taipe Economic and Cultural Office, Vancouver

Tickets: $5 | Children under 6 Free 

Contact:  William Kao 403-681-8728

Time:  4:00 pm | Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019 
Location: Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre 
Address: 197 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB    


今年臺北市甄選26 位來國小以及國中的小朋友組成「臺北市青少年民俗運動訪問團」,他們是在一群對踢毽、扯鈴、跳繩抱持熱愛並富有文化傳承之重任的教育工作者的指導下,二、三年來利用課餘時間透過非常沉靜而艱辛的訓練後,才獲得此項殊榮,而今將扮演臺北市文化親善大使的角色,前往澳洲訪問表演。在我們的節目表演中,有傳統臺灣原住民和農村的舞蹈,亦有融合民俗技藝的現代舞,希望經由各種民俗活動的展現,引您一覽來自台灣的藝術與文化之美,盼您愉悅共賞。

Tickets: $5 | Children under 6 Free 

Contact:  William Kao 403-681-8728

Address: 197 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB  
Time: 4:00 pm | Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019 

民俗三項Folk Art Performance

1、 飛毽踢踢樂

Shuttlecock Kicking
Children kick, pull, or stop the shuttlecocks with their feet moving quickly but
gracefully with perfect precision. Through waving props, running and jumping, they
make shuttlecocks kicking an exciting performance.
2、 鈴舞狂想曲

Diabolo Spinning
The children handle the two sticks tied with a string skillfully and carefully to
make the diabolo dances like a dancing fairy. Through the movement of twirling and
whirling, tossing and catching diabolo and the change of speed and direction of
where the diabolo goes, they orchestrate a beautiful and breathtaking show. You will
be amazed at the number of diabolos they can manipulate simultaneously.
3、 繩舞躍飛揚

Rope Skipping
Ropes in the children’s hands seem to come alive in the performance. Kids
swing ropes to make a cross, multiple waves or loops. And they jump and shuttle in
and out freely with one, two or more whirls of the rope. All the movements
combined to weave a beautiful heart touching story.

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