COVID19 Protocol


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School

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Updated 2020 Nov 10

1) Wearing masks – CBE decide students from grade k-12 wear masks. For better perfection, we require all students and all personnel entering the school wear masks.

2) Social distancing- Use of shared items or equipment is to be avoided where possible. We will have physical distancing (2 metre spacing) in and outside of the classroom, including hallways, washrooms, and common areas to help prevent the spread of disease.

3) Proper hand wash when possible. Hand sanitizer will be provided in each classroom. Students and staff are required to perform hand hygiene when entering and exiting the school as well as before entering the classroom. Bring your student water bottles, mask, sanitizer.

4) Before and after school - Routine self-screening for all staff and screening of students completed by parents using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist. We have strict stay-at-home policy for any children, students or staff with symptoms of COVID-19. We will take temperature at the entrance. Sign in at the entrance. We will have a drop off and pick up zone outside of school to reduce the traffic inside school.


5) If a student is showing symptoms while attending class the student will be isolated and the parents will be notified for pickup. 學生在學校期間有任何類似感冒症狀(將會被隔離且馬上請父母接回.

6) All students, parents, staff will monitor their own health after school if showing symptoms please inform school and call Health Link 811 or family doctor, or 911 for emergency. Also complete a AHS Online Self-Assessment tool. 學生,家長或是學校人員放學回家後若有任何不適可能與新冠病毒或是任何傳染病有關,請立即與學校聯絡. 打電話(給 Health Link 811, or family doctor, or 911 for emergency) 並且填寫 AHS Online Self-Assessment tool 以決定是

7. School will clean before and after class using diluted bleach ( 250ml water + 20ml bleach). This includes desk, chair, bathroom, door handle, and all shared items. 學校開始前後稀釋漂白水(250ml water+20ml bleach)消毒. 清潔桌面, 椅子,厠所,把手,公共物品.

8. Please use email or Google classroom to stay contact with teachers, this will reduce the chance of talking to them in person. 放學後請勿群聚閑談,家長可和用電話或是電腦網路和老師保持聯絡,請和老師保持社交距離.

9. Please shows us any paper of any none COVID 19 related symptoms if this applies to any student to avoid concerns. Such as allergies. 家長請填名學生的健康,用葯及醫療狀況.若有過敏等以致有類似感冒症狀,請先出示新冠測試結果為陰性.

10) We encourage parents volunteer to help out to ensure your students’ safe and smooth learning in school and online. These are the items which you can volunteer.