High School


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School

On behalf of the school and board, we’re excited to announce that, starting September 12, 2020, the Calgary Mandarin School will offer Albert Education accredited High School courses for Grades 10 (Chinese Language and Culture 10-3Y), 11 (20-3Y) and 12 (30-3Y). Students who finish the class with a passing grade will receive 5 credits per course towards their school records.

The course will be primarily introductory, and students will not require any prior knowledge in Mandarin or Chinese to begin at the Grade 10 level. The course will differ from the Youth Conversation course we currently offer in an equal focus on reading and writing Chinese, as well as spoken application. For students with moderate to advanced Chinese backgrounds, content will be provided for their level as well. All courses will be following the Alberta Education curriculum.

給各位學生和家長一個好消息!卡城中文學校將開十年級到十二年級的高中學分班 (Chinese Language and Culture 10-3Y) (20-3Y) (30-3Y)。完成學分班的學生會得到Alberta Education認可的學分和成績,以助申請大學。每學年成績及格的學生能夠得到5個學分。