Online Classroom


卡城中文學校 Calgary Mandarin School

Calgary Mandarin School starts online on September 12, 2020

Our teachers are excitedly coming back to teach while learning how to use many different apps and design their online classrooms. They strive to bring all the best lessons to their students.  老師們為了提升教學品質,積極的使用相關教學軟件建構線上教室.

Online lessons provide students and families with a safter option when studying physically in school is a challenge.  為了避免群體接觸,本校採用線上教學. 

Classes will be divided into small sections. We will provide various activities in different sections. The class length is flexible and managed by teachers.  課程時間也將會由老師靈活調整以應映小學生極限. 

We use Google classroom as a teaching tool. Our teachers will develop student’s Chinese skills through story time, games, pictures or videos, and LIVE interactions!  我們會使用谷歌教室Google Classroom為教學平臺.老師會藉由即時會話,故事,遊戲,圖片和影片多元的教學方式來增進學生的中文能力.